Luca Lombardi: Piano Works (Continuo Records)

Wiederkehr (1971)

Albumblätter (1967/68)

Variazioni su “Avanti popolo alla riscossa” (1977)

Divertimento (1963)

8 Saluti (2001-2003)
Saluto a Piero Farulli
Commiato dell'anno vecchio - Saluto dell'anno nuovo
Saluto a Wolfgang Rhim
Saluto a Luciano Berio
Saluto a Christian e Ulla
Saluto ad Alvin
Saluto a Miriam
Saluto a Jürgen Thym


Giancarlo Cardini, piano
(Wiederkehr, Albumblätter, Variazioni)

Alessandra Gentile, piano

Alessandra Ammara, piano
(8 Saluti)

recorded: 5/2005 (Wiederkehr, Albumblätter, Variazioni, Divertimento) and 10/2013 (8 Saluti)


Luca Lombardi is mainly known for his operas (Faust: Un travestimento, Dmitri, oder Der Künstler und die Macht, Prospero, and Il re nudo), oratorios and cantatas (e.g., Lucrezio: Un oratorio materialistico, Vanitas?, and Italia mia), as well as orchestral works (including three symphonies, the third being a symphony-cantata).

No doubt, he is a composer inspired by literature, by texts, by the “word” that helps him in his efforts to communicate with clarity, honesty, humanity. But time and time again, during a creative career that has lasted for more than five decades, he has written for the piano, the instrument he studied when he was young and that, in a way, is the foundation of his musical endeavors.

Fifteen of the nearly 150 works listed in the Catalogo delle opere di Luca Lombardi edited by Gabriele Becheri (Rome: Rai Trade, 2005) are for piano. True, some of them are youthful compositions, but, among the piano works, especially those written in the 1970s, can be found some of the composer’s most poignant musical statements (in addition to his solo piano works, there should be mentioned Lombardi’s Klavierduo of 1978-79 — a work full of virtuosity, wit, and charm — gratifying for performers and audiences alike).

The piano music performed by three eminent Italian pianists on this disk provides an attractive sampling of the composer’s keyboard music: ranging from relatively early (Divertimento) to his formative years (Albumblätter, Wiederkehr, and Variazioni) to 8 Saluti, the most recent manifestations of Lombardi’s love for his instrument.

(from album notes by Jürgen Thym)