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Her superfine pianism is complemented by an uncanny insight into Ravel’s outwardly teasing and enigmatic surface. Bryce Morrison, Gramophone

La pianiste italienne pare certaines pièces d'une irrésistible sensualité: ses Jeux d'eau sonnent avec une profondeur de son digne de Perlemuter. Les planes sonores, formidablement mis en espace, impressionnent, comme la gamme dynamique du piano. Alain Lompech, Diapason

Ammara: Master of Moods. Alessandra Ammara expressively displayed refinement finger work and sensitivity in her treatment of each prelude. Undaunted and confident, young Italian pianist Alessandra Ammara offered a heartfelt interpretation. Chris Jasko, Washington Post


Debussy Complete Piano Works

Ammara-Prosseda piano duo


Chopin Recital



    ...“Mo matter how many performances you already might have of these works, the special treasures you will find here are of unique value. The notes are perceptive, and the sound beyond reproach. Dare I ask for more Schumann?”

    Alan Becker, American Record Guide

    Piano Masterworks

    ...“a vividly communicative artist who leaves no stone unturned in her search for the composer's inner heart and truth.”

    Bryce Morrison, Gramophone

    Preludi Serie I-IV

    ...“With a superlative piano recording and remarkably insightful performances, I can’t imagine this repertoire being bettered on disc any time soon. Ammara’s performances are never anything less than impressive, and often breathtaking.”

    Dominy Clements, MusicWeb International